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foto - Steven Le Gallic, rider - Vincent Gautier, board - Vision 120l

Element Windsurfing Boards

96-100 Skierniewice

ul. Zagajnikowa 16






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Element założyciel firmy

Piotr Kondrad

Founder of Element Company

Joy and safety...

We want to produce unique windsurfing boards, so that the time spent on the water could bring full satisfaction to our customers and that they could feel the safety of their quality.

Element is a Polish company, which was established from the need for creation and passion to windsurfing. We produce unique windsurfing boards and accessories. Thanks to manual production, we are able to create personalized boards with the greatest precision, at the same time not forgetting to take care of their technical parameters. Continuous improvement of technological solutions and craftsmanship care, combined with the highest quality materials, allow us to create unique and durable boards, achieving very good results.

A few words of us 

Each board released by our studio is unique. In the design process we focus not only on the quality and unique graphics, but also on bold shapes. We want our windsurfing boards to provide joy both for the spirit and for the eye.

Element is speed and unique nature at its best.

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