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polskie design'erskie deski windsurfingowe na zamówienie
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ręcznie robione deski windsurfingowe

We produce windsurfing boards

Element is a company established in 2013 in Poland by an artist painter and experienced windsurfer in one person.

In our company, we are engaged in the manual production of unique windsurfing and hydrofoil boards, as well as windsurfing accessories on customer's order. Our products are dedicated to windsurfers who value high aesthetics, individuality and have special requirements such as e.g.: additional strengthening or increasing the buoyancy of board, which we provide as a part of customization service.


Experience in swimming on a windsurfing board allows us to look at our equipment with the user’s eye and improve it in terms of performance. Thanks to that we can boast of super-fast, maximum maneuverable windsurfing boards. We can safely say that Element’s windsurfing boards will meet the requirements of the competitors who want to adjust the board to their own needs, as well as any windsurfer who values the highest quality, speed, Polish production and stands out on the water.

Thanks to the comprehensive approach we obtain a perfectly thought-out whole.

Speed, technology, unique design, attention to every detail with passion – closed in a beautiful form.




96-100 Skierniewice

ul. Zagajnikowa 16



Element Windsurfing Boards

foto - Steven Le Gallic, rider - Vincent Gautier, board - Vision 120l

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designerskie deski windsurfingowe

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